Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Iteration 2 - plan

It is time to define what I want to do for my next iteration. This iteration will be about spicing up the combat.

1. 2 new types of weapons
       - laser (goes through stuff)
       - missiles (explodes)

2. 2 new types of enemies
    - asteroid - breaks into smaller asteroids
    - generic enemy - randomly generated hostile player ships, are ok, but...

3. 2 alternative devices
    - shield
    - mining device

4. 2 new attack patterns
    - wave formation
    - invaders formation

5. 2 new locations
    - asteroid field
    - "invaders"

That should do.

Aaand some stats: So far I spent 62.73 hours on this spanned across "I don't even want to know, since it is way slower than I would like"


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