Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Iteration 2 - plan

It is time to define what I want to do for my next iteration. This iteration will be about spicing up the combat.

1. 2 new types of weapons
       - laser (goes through stuff)
       - missiles (explodes)

2. 2 new types of enemies
    - asteroid - breaks into smaller asteroids
    - generic enemy - randomly generated hostile player ships, are ok, but...

3. 2 alternative devices
    - shield
    - mining device

4. 2 new attack patterns
    - wave formation
    - invaders formation

5. 2 new locations
    - asteroid field
    - "invaders"

That should do.

Aaand some stats: So far I spent 62.73 hours on this spanned across "I don't even want to know, since it is way slower than I would like"


Iteration 1 - finished

I had somewhat organize this development, since there is so many things that has to be done. All basic stuff is done and it is time to start spicing it up. But how and where? One thing is clear, the tough plan is clear:

1. All core mechanics - game must be fun at the end of this stage and playable, even though it will be ugly as hell
2. switch to openGL - some might argue that it is silly not to begin with it, but reason behind it is to lean stuff. First explore basic java capabilities, then do the switch.
3. graphics
4. polishing

Yeah, great, but how to do the first stage? I decided iterative development is for the best:

1. Define target features of iteration
2. implement
3. refactor

Target of first iteration, which I recently finished was to create playable prototype. Where "playable" means the following:

1. Fight
2. Buy stuff and enhance your ship
3. After you beat a mission, select next spot on the macro map.

In the end the iteration consisted of 10 tasks.

All is done now :)