Sunday, 9 March 2014

Iteration 4 - finished

So, I spent this whole week developing my game. The target was to make my game "playable". This means rough skeleton of finished product. Randomverse is about space exploration, so this means - movement around space map and visiting places. 
In the sense of skeleton I kinda did what I wanted. But I am now absolutely terrified by amount of work that is necessary to make it playable and enjoyable. In my estimates I just did not pay enough attention to game content. Well, to my defence, I had no idea how much work it could be. I was just focused on the tools to be able to create content. 
Now I have like 80% of tools and almost zero content. And now I know i will spend probably same amount of time on content like on framework. Scary. 

Anyway. How went the development? As always I made a list of things I wanted to get done and sticked to it. Sometimes it forced framework changes, but that was okay. It was also about testing my framework if it is capable to do anything I wanted. 

Menu stayed the same

 I added some levels, some new testing sprites and tested all kinds of formations I worked on last week. Circle is totaly my favorite :)
 Major addition to framework was event system with choices. Like conversations in rpgs. It does what it should, but the code is ugly and will need some refactor

 Some new movements
Map upgrades - generation, missions, scanner...

... and very simple ladder that will need full rework.

Next steps are obvious. Content content content.
Then openGL
Then sound
Then graphics
Then release!

Thursday, 6 March 2014

Iteration 3 - finished

Since I am working hard on iteration 4, which is something like a milestone, just brief info on iteration 3:

Main theme of 3rd iteration was implementation of formation, movement in formations and formation to formation movement. It was much harder to implement than I expected, since I had to do some changes to my engine/framework. In the end it took 16,77 hours to finish it. 16,30 was spent on formation. But I was kinda cheating, in the end I discarded all other planned activities in favor of formations.

I kinda wanted to share the design I came up with, but it's just probably all wrong and can be done better :) There are probably better sources.

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Iteration 2 - finished, iteration 3 - plans

Even though I had to cut this iteration in half, I will call it finished. My estimate was quite off since there were many changes that forced some architecture changes. Lets check the checklist to see what was actually done and what was moved to the next iteration.

1. 2 new types of weapons
       - laser (goes through stuff)
       - missiles (explodes)

2. 2 new types of enemies
    - asteroid - breaks into smaller asteroids
    - generic enemy - randomly generated hostile player ships, are ok, but...

3. 2 alternative devices
    - shield
    - mining device

4. 2 new attack patterns
    - wave formation
    - invaders formation

5. 2 new locations
    - asteroid field
    - "invaders

And if you look at the screenshot... there is no way that gray something is and asteroid. And it is not. Halfway through the development I realized, that I am actually creating some crashed ship debris. When I realized that I had to do some "special" tiles. Exploding ones, shooting ones, cargo containers... Yeah, it was totally off the scope, but still seemed like a good idea to attempt it since it seemed like it could put my class design to a test... and it did.

Next iteration will be all about enemy movement. So far everything moved in one direction, next patch will change everything. So scope for the next iteration:

1. new attack patterns

It will also include new weapon, new level and new enemy, but that's just minor.

Aaand stats: It took 19,48 hours to get this done. (6 hours shield, 8 hours debris)
next iteration will probably take 8 - 16. Depends if I get stuck :)